Transaction History

If you need to request an IO for top-up, please go to REQUEST IO (

Banking Slip/ Signed IO
(Only accept the payment from the company of signed IO which is Party A of the IO. Both third party and personal payment are not acceptable.)

Transaction Details

(In case of any dispute arising from the amount discrepancy led by cross-month submission, exchange rate, bank charge etc., our record shall be final and conclusive.)
Baidu Username Payment Type Amount Amount(CNY) Launch and run the campaign automatically
once the top-up process is completed
  Yes   No
*Please select "Infeed Topup" in "Payment Type" to indicate budget for Infeed Ad Pool, Infeed Ad is using a different funding pool for top-up.
Important Instructions:
1) Enter the budget amount, default in CNY. If other currency is paid, as Baidu account only accepts CNY, budget will be converted to CNY and account will be top-up according to the exchange rates listed in
2) Baidu account is set to auto-run once top-up is completed in default, please select "No" for specific start date.